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Walkabout the Galaxy

Sep 27, 2023

Strange and Top discuss the return of the sample from the asteroid Bennu and an intriguing measurement from a dark matter detector in Italy in this, our first Short Take episode. Sadly, the measurement has not been reproduced. Yet. A new detector in Australia will try to confirm the Italian result.

Sep 20, 2023

There's more tension in the standard model of the history of the universe. Giant superclusters of galaxies formed early than we thought they could. These collosal structures trace their origins to quantum fluctuations in the early universe. Find out what it all means, plus chthonian planets, asteroid encounters and more...

Sep 13, 2023

This episode is about hollows in space on very different scales and for very different reasons. Ho'oleilana is the largest observed structure in the universe, a bubble of sorts defined by great sheets of galactic superclusters whose size is a reflection of acoustic oscillations in the very early universe. Closer to...

Sep 7, 2023

The astroquarks report from Dragoncon 2023 on the surprisingly diverse distribution of water in the solar system, where it came from, and the prospects for life on other worlds. We are joined by planetary geologist R. Scott Harris for this special episode with a live audience. This episode of Walkabout the Galaxy also...