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Walkabout the Galaxy

Feb 23, 2022

A remarkably accurate test of general relativity confirms that not only does time run slower at your feet than at your head, but it runs slower at your eyes than your eyebrows. Plus, Psyche loses some of its metallic sheen, and we have spacewalk trivia and much more.

Feb 16, 2022

Sustained fusion reactions with a net production of energy may be getting closer, and a whole bunch of space junk is definitely getting closer. A long-standing mystery of Jupiter's aurorae has been resolved. Catch up on all the space news and hear the surprising history of satellite debris with the astroquarks.

Feb 9, 2022

How special is the Earth for having a large Moon, and what can it teach us about where to look for habitable planets? In this episode we explore new research on what kind of planets are likely to get helpful moons like our own, and then we take a look at the idea of an infinitely cycling, but not repeating universe.

Feb 2, 2022

Mimas, the heavily battered "death star" moon of Saturn, may harbor a sub-surface ocean of liquid water like its neighbor, Enceladus. Water may have flowed on the surface of Mars more recently than previously thought, and there's a new denizen in the menagerie of peculiar pulsars. Learn all about it and test your pulsar...